3rd DFF: The awards go to “May 9th”, “Revolutionary Home” and “Ana Square”.


The short documentary “May 9th” by the Ukrainian director Mariia Ponomarova won the Grand Prix at the 3rd international DokuMA Film Festival in Makarska, Croatia.

The international jury consisting of Torben Simonsen, Tamara Babun and Đelo Hadžiselimović also awarded a Special Mention to Jovan Vučur, the sound designer of “Revolutionary Home” (Revolucionarni Dom) directed my Sead Šabotić. The Audience Award went to “Ana Square” (Ana Trg) directed by Jelena Novaković.


Torben Simonsen presented the Grand Prix award to Mariia Ponomarova, Tamara Babun presented the Special Mention to prof. Dragutin Ćirković (who accepted on behalf of his student Jovan Vučur) and the festival director Jadran Puharić presented the audience award to Jelena Novaković. All winners reacieved the Little Garmaz statue designed by Tina Divić.

“One of the amazing qualities a documentary film can hold is the ability to take us to places we otherwise would not have had the opportunity to enter. The director of the film we decided to award opened up her inner landscape and through it took us to a place in her country and introduced us to a piece of history relevant to its people in an intimate and intense way. We believe she has the potential to truly develop further in her work and we hope this award adds to her motivation and passion for storytelling. The Little Garmaz for 2016 goes to Mariia Ponomarova for her film May 9th. Congratulations!”

“We decided to give one special mention to a film we consider an outstanding audiovisual piece. It is a film that experiments with a complex way of dealing with the past, devoid of human characters, enhancing the ambiguous results of their ideas and labour. This film, brilliant on many levels, is a result of a brave directors vision. And it is such directorial bravery that allows all artistic collaborators working on the film to excel. To focus on one particular strength of the film Revolutionary Home directed by Sead Šabotić, we would like to award a special mention to the sound designer, Jovan Vučur for the pivotal role of his work in building and telling of the story.”