“The Plague”


“La Plaga”, 2013., Španjolska, ‘82

Director: Neus Ballus

Writer: Neus Ballus, Pau Subiros

Cinematography: Diego Dussuel

Editor: Neus Ballus, Domi Parra


“La Plaga” (2013.) revolves around five people who live in the outskirts of Barcelona: farmer Raul, wrestler Iurie who works with him, old woman Maria who has to leave her home, her Filipino nurse Rose, and Maribel, a prostitute. Neus Ballus, the director of the movie, worked more than four years with these individuals, whose lifes intertwine every day, creating an “impressive hybrid of documentary and fiction” (Berlinale 2013.).


Neus Ballus earned a degree in editing and filmmaking from Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra University. Her first short films won several prizes around the world. “La Plaga”, her first feature-lenght film, had a world premiere 2013. at Berlinale, and was nominated for the European Film Awards.