Scream For Me Sarajevo


“Scream For Me Sarajevo”, 2016, BiH, ’95

Directors: Tarik Hodžić

Script: Tarik Hodžić, Jasenko Pašić

Cinematographer: Amel Djikoli

Editors: Tarik Hodžić

Music: Bruce Dickinson

Production: Prime time


Deep in the heart of the Siege of Sarajevo young men with long hair, owning guitars silenced by lack of electricity and motorbikes stilled by lack of fuel clung to the power of music to make their abnormal lives normal. And one man, one rock star, embodied their hope. In this deep, dark hell, for one December night only in front of a crowd unable to believe their eyes and ears, Bruce Dickinson risking life and limb, had traveled into the city most people were desperate to escape and performed a true rock concert. For a few hours there was no war and under the starry winter sky it was possible to believe that out there, somewhere normal life existed.


Born on 30th January 1976, after finishing high school, he started Law school. Drops that to pursuit his dream of becoming director. For 10 years, 1993-2003, he worked as radio broadcaster. He constantly works as director, editor and producer. Besides documentaries and shorts, he shot many commercial and music videos, amongst them, for “Concept media” where was working on promoting human rights. Scream for me Sarajevo is his first full length documentary.