Regional educational program Dokuma CrossBorder 2016


Dokuma CrossBorder is an educational program for students of film schools and academies from former Yugoslavia. It consists of a film workshop, MasterClass lectures and a student film revue for showcasing latest regional student films as well as films from a partner school.

The goals of this project are the professional improvement of the participants, providing a place to meet and exchange ideas both on an individual as well as on an higher institutional level, providing content and opportunity for students to hone their film-making skills and experience first steps on the festival scene.

This year we welcomed six students from five countries who underwent a five day documentary workshop under the tutelage of prof. Torben Simonsen (Den Danske Filmskole in Copenhagen) and multimedia artist Goran Škofić. The goal of the workshop was for students to find and develop their unique film language.

Prof. Mirko Pivčević (UMAS Split) held a MasterClass lecture titled “Basic lighting on a film set”. As a part of DokuMA Film Festival four regional student films and five films from Den Danske Filmskole were screened for the public.



ORGANIZERS: Dokuma Civic Association

PRODUCER: Karla Carević

WORKSHOP HEADS-MENTORS: Torben Simonsen (DDF Copenhagen) & Goran Škofić

MASTERCLASS: Mirko Pivčević (UMAS Split)

STUDENTS-PARTICIPANTS: Fabris Šulin (AGRFT Ljubljana, Slovenia), Antonio Andrić (FDU Belgrade, Serbia), Nikola Vučinić (FDU Cetinje, Montenegro), Sandra Jelovac (ADU Zagreb, Croatia), Zorko Sirotić (ADU Zagreb, Croatia) & Marko Dzambazoski (FDU Skopje, Macedonia)

PROFESSORS: Valentin Perko (AGRFT Ljubljana), Dragutin Ćirković (FDU Beograd), Marija Perović (FDU Cetinje), Miran Miošić (ADU Zagreb), Goran Trpčevski (FDU Skopje) & dean Lazar Sekulovski (FDU Skopje)

Dokuma CrossBorder 2016 was supported by Academy of Dramatic Art in Zagreb, Cinema-Club Split, Croatian Film Association, Antitalent Production, Makarska Hotels and Den Danske Filmskole in Copenhagen.