MasterClass: Aleš Suk & Dragutin Ćirković


15 students and 9 professors from 6 nations will participate in the international educational CrossBorder program at the 2nd DokuMA Film Festival in Makarska, Croatia.

Alongside a film workshop and the Regional Student Film program, two MasterClass lectures will be held by esteemed educators.

Thursday June 4th at noon prof. Aleš Suk (FAMU, Prague) will hold a lecture titled “The erotic surrealism in folklore, form and the composition of a cinematographic work.”

Friday June 5th at noon prof. Dragutin Ćirković (FDU, Belgrade) will hold a lecture titled “Sound-MA(nia)” about the ways of perception, listening and especially the role of sound, on an “elemental” level, in documentary forms.

The MasterClass lectures will be open for the public and held at Memory Caffee at Hotel Meteor in Makarska.