“Kemix”, 2016, Bosnia and Herzegovina, ’11

Director: Alen Šimić


Kemix is a music and recording studio in Đurđevik whose owner is a dedicated admirer and keeper of the traditional folk music. Persistence and belief in a preserving the Bosnian tradition and culture are his main characteristics and virtues.


Alen Šimić is born 1988 in Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina where he finished primary school and high school. For the last 5 years he lives in Sarajevo where he obtained bachelor degree in film directing and is finishing his master degree. While studying, he directed 4 plays (“Otelo”, “Postelja br. 29”, “Kralj Ibi”, “Vojcek”) and 3 movies (“Otelo”, “Postelja br. 29”, “Kemix”). In 2014 was rewarded as a best student at the Department of directing . He’s preparing a play “Tvoj sin Huckelberry Finn” based on the novel of Bekim Sejranović, and 2 shorts “Tica” and “Šesti dan”.