DokuMA Film Festival, will be held from May 29th to June 1st in Makarska, Croatia. It will showcase acclaimed feature documentaries, Croatian premieres, an international competition of short films, MasterClass lectures and other content.

The most highly anticipated screening at DFF will surely be the Croatian premiere of the new documentary by the acclaimed Czech filmmaker Filip Remunda – ‘Naked People‘ (Obnažený národ, 2014.).

‘Naked People’ is a story of love and hate, a satire on national stereotypes and perceptions, thinking about what is the social role of the sea. The film deals with the phenomenon of Czech tourists on holiday in Croatia.

The screening will be held May 31st at the Open Air Cinema in Makarska. Many notables are expected to attend, primarily Filip Remunda, Aleš Suk and the Czech Ambassador to Croatia Martin Košatka. As the majority of the film was filmed in Makarska Riviera, many local subjects of the documentary will attend the premiere. The screening will be followed by an Q&A with the director.