“Entangled”, 2017, Finland, 11′

Directors: Mark Roberts, Minna Rainio

Producers: Mark Roberts, Minna Rainio

Directors of photography: Mark Roberts, Minna Rainio

Editors: Mark Roberts, Minna Rainio

Production: AV-arkki


Entangled illuminates our complicity and entanglement in the lives and destinies of workers in Asian textile factories. The film examines the issue from an unusual angle, focusing on children’s clothes and experiences to make viewers uncomfortably aware of the price paid to manufacture their clothes.


Mark Roberts is a visual artist and scriptwriter from the UK who is currently based in Finland. He holds a BA from the Surrey Institute of Art and Design, and an MA from the University of Salford, Greater Manchester. Minna Rainio is a photographer and media artist. She holds a BA degree from Surrey Institute of Art and Design, England and MA from University of Lapland, Finland and completed her PhD in 2014. Rainio has worked as a visiting Professor at the University of Minnesota, USA and as Lecturer at the University of Lapland. Together they combine media art, conceptual art and documentary to deal with social and political issues.