“Chikara – The Sumo Wrestler’s Son”


Chikara – Sumobryderens søn“, 2013, Denmark, 32′

Director: Simon Lereng Wilmont
Camera: Simon Lereng Wilmont & Lars Skree
Editor: Michael Aaglund
Sound: Peter Albrechtsen
Music: Asger Baden & Peder
Producer: Monica Hellström
Produced by: Final Cut for Real

Chikara is a 10-year-old Japanese boy who has been training all summer long for an important sumo-wrestling match. He’s very talented, and expectations are high – especially given that his father Harumitsu used to be a professional sumo wrestler. Like many other Japanese parents, Harumitsu works very hard and Chikara doesn’t see his father as often as he would like. So when his father manages to help him train, Chikara tries to do his very best. He wants his father to be proud of him, and that means he needs to win. But in the weeks leading up to the competition, the young boy starts to doubt himself, and he becomes more and more nervous. He doesn’t want to bother his father with worry, but sometimes the tears flow anyway – to Chikara’s huge frustration. He should be stronger than that. As we follow the boy through his intense training sessions and on the occasional day off, he shares with us his inner thoughts, deepest feelings and doubts.


Simon Lereng Wilmont was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and studied documentary filmmaking at the Danish Film School in 2009. His credits as director include the documentary shorts “Ramona’s Journey” (2004), “Dormitory Master” (2009), which won a Gold Panda Award at the Sichuan International TV & Film Festival, “Above Ground, Beneath the Sky” (2008), which won Best Short Film at Vision Du Reel and Best International Documentary at Vienna Film Academy International Film Festival, and the documentary feature “Travelling with Mr. T” (2012), which he co-directed with Andreas Dalsgaard.