“After Life”, 2017, New Zealand, ’16

Directors: Prisca Bouchet i Nick Mayow

Producers:  Prisca Bouchet i Nick Mayow

Cinematography: Prisca Bouchet

Editor:  Nick Mayow

Production: Loom Films


An enthralling look inside the hidden world of a New Zealand funeral home, After Life explores a unique, enigmatic institution, following the men and women who work with the dead and the delicate ritual of the body’s preparation for its final journey. A compelling glimpse into a rarely seen world, After Life reveals a place rich in meaning and humanity – a place where the daily work deals with our deepest fear.


Prisca Bouchet was born in France and is now living in New Zealand. Prisca’s work as an editor includes the 2010 feature documentary “There once was an island” for which she received the New Zealand Qantas Media Award for Best Documentary Editing. She has edited feature documentaries “Mental notes”, “Pretty brutal”. Nick Mayow was born in New Zealand. Nick is a professional video editor and director and has worked on a variety of New Zealand programmes and shows. “Fog”, a short dramatic film that Nick wrote, was selected for the Cannes Film Festival in 2008.